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ACC: 2023 McLaren 720S GT3 EVO

ACC: 2023 McLaren 720S GT3 EVO

With update V1.9.3, the new McLaren 720S GT3 EVO joined the party! It's the latest gladiator sent in by the British manufacturer from Woking, Surrey. And they mean business!


What's new?

The McLaren 720S GT3 EVO is based on the previous 720S GT3. And, as with many supercars, the 720S GT3 EVO sees big improvements in terms of downforce. According to McLaren themselves, the new 720S has a forward-shifted balance in order to make it 'more consistent in traffic'. And that's good news! Especially for the real-life car, since navigating your car through traffic is a vital part of GT racing.

But it's not all about aero, as the new 720S also sees improvements and changes to its suspension setup. These changes will make the car more drivable, and again, consistency is key.

Oh! And it's free, unlike the Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini that you'll have to buy in a DLC. 


What's the car like in-game?

Surely, ACC will try to create a car that's closely based on the real-life car. And certain characteristics will pop out to simulate that.

Out of the gate, the McLaren feels very stable at the front, possibly due to the forward-shifted balance. It's a very precise car that you can easily guide to the apex without too much hassle. Even under heavy braking, the car remains stable, calm, and composed.


Performance 4/5

The car's overall performance is excellent. It's fast, agile, and capable of keeping up with the other faster cars in ACC. Although the engine remained the same twin-turbo 4.0L V8, the car is still more than capable in a straight line and out of corners. And, considering the road-legal 720S has more power than the GT3 championship allows, there's no doubt it's right up there with the rest.

Apart from the power unit, the overall aero changes are noticeable too. The car is stable and consistent. Noticeably, I was able to get my tires up to temperature in no time; however, I was on the edge of overheating them after several laps into a race.


Handling 3.5/5

The 720S GT3 EVO simply excels in corner entry. I can't think of another car that steers quite like this one does. All you do is choose a line and commit. The car can likely handle it anyway and won't surprise you with understeer or unresponsiveness. Its stability allows you to make corrections easily, which is great when you're banging wheels with an opponent.

The braking stability is something to admire and appreciate, as it makes for a smooth entry. I found this car to be fantastic in battles as it is easy to outbrake other cars or play around with alternative lines.

However, yes, there is a however. The car isn't very stable past the corner entry point. The main issue is oversteer. Although most people prefer it to understeer, the 720S GT3 EVO is quite unpredictable once it reaches the apex. Countless times so far, I caught myself in a spin when the rear came around as I trailed off the brakes. At times, I experienced off-throttle oversteer, which is very difficult to correct. If you keep the car as straight as possible, the effects are less present, but it does mean backing off ever so slightly.

On corner exit, it's more of the same as the car struggles for grip. Steady throttle control goes a long way. But it does mean you have to be very cautious and aware of what's happening underneath you. That makes it easy to mess up a sequence of fast corners. Luckily, though, the incredible sharp end of the car means you can counter a lot of the oversteer and find a racing line that works.

Additionally, some drivers may find the McLaren's setup options and tuning parameters to be more complex compared to other cars in ACC. However, with practice and fine-tuning, these weaknesses can be overcome, allowing drivers to fully harness the immense potential of the McLaren 720S GT3 EVO. Spending some time behind the wheel seems required to get to that full potential, unlike several other cars in the game.

If you can balance out the snappy rear end, I'm sure the McLaren will get the job done and will rival the fastest car in the game. Put in the time, find a good balance, and you'll be on your way!

Therefore, advanced drivers will likely be faster with this car than most novices will be.


How to make the McLaren 720S GT3 EVO faster:

  • Tyre pressures: The car has no trouble maintaining a good average pressure. Lower the pressures if you struggle for grip on the rear to help you out.
  • Brake Bias: An easy one, but shifting the bias towards the front will optimize braking performance on most tracks. The car isn't overly prone to lock-ups, so try to keep the rear in check as long as possible.
  • Aero adjustments: Play around with wing angles to get more downforce from the rear.
  • Differential: Optimizing the differential settings, such as the preload, acceleration, and deceleration values, can enhance the car's traction and drivability, allowing for faster exits out of corners. If the rear keeps snapping out, try opening the diff for more turning.


McLaren has always stood out for its balanced package, and this new car adds to that reputation. The car simply excels in its corner approach. Around Silverstone, the car handles beautifully. It is easy to trail brake all the way up to the apexes, and the car encourages you to brake even later. When I was certain I had just outbraked myself, the 720S GT3 EVO just pulled through and hit the apex either way.

And yes, the car oversteers more than I'd like. But it's a matter of finding a better balance and reprogramming your brain and muscle memory to handle that. Regardless of its weaknesses, the 720S is a more than capable car that will give you plenty in return!


Image credit goes to: Kunos Simulazioni

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