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ACC: The Bentley Continental GT3

ACC: The Bentley Continental GT3

Just like Aston Martin, Bentley is the pinnacle of British pride. Although the manufacturer from Crewe leans more toward the GT and luxury sports car segment, they've been a competitive player in the GT3 field for ages.

Bentley Continental GT3

The Continental GT3 builds on the original Continental and found a way to strip off all that excess luxury (read: weight) and make the car meet the strict GT3 regulations. Sadly, there's no W12 in this GT3 version; instead, there's a very potent 4.0L twin-turbo V8.

Performance: 3/5

The most recent Bentley in ACC is a 2018 model. Saying it's dated would thus be an understatement. Unfortunately, that means the Continental GT3 doesn't feel particularly fast on the straights. It just doesn't feel as punchy and on the knife's edge as the more recent Ferraris and McLarens do. The V8 certainly has a very controllable feel to it, allowing you to accelerate hard out of corners. 

However, that's not the only notable thing about the Bentley. Because what it may lack in outright power, it makes up for in game-changing stability. There's simply no car in the game that handles as composed and in control as the Bentley. That means stringing lap times together is easy and feels safe.

Bentley Continental GT3 - ST

Handling: 4.5/5

Giving it a 5/5 would be a stretch, although I did consider it. The Continental GT3 is the perfect car for a novice sim racer. Not only is it predictable by nature, but it's also very forgiving. It handles beautifully over curbs and doesn't suffer from snappy turbo surges like the more recent six-cylinders do. Instead, the twin-turbo V8 offers a very linear and consistent power output that allows you to navigate virtually any corner.

The best part of the Bentley is it's braking performance. The incredible stability means it's easy to place the car exactly where you need it to. It feels planted at all times. 

One drawback is that the car doesn't seem to 'hook up' on the exit like some others do. You'll want to carry momentum into corners for faster lap times. Another characteristic to be wary of is that when you do eventually get it out of shape (and you really have to try hard), it's nearly impossible to correct.

The driving position should be mentioned too. It's on the 'right' (or wrong, your choice) side. It's not too difficult to get your head around, but it does take some getting used to. I found it particularly handy on predominantly right-hand tracks.

Bentley Continental GT3

How to make the Bentley Continental GT3 faster: 

Traction Control Optimization:
Adjust the Gain and Slip settings of the traction control to find the optimal balance between electronic intervention and driver control. In the Bentley, this is crucial to prevent excessive oversteer, especially when accelerating out of corners.

  • Suspension Tuning:
    Experiment with the ride height to find the right compromise between aerodynamic efficiency and stability. Lowering the ride height can improve aerodynamics but may reduce stability, so find the balance that suits your driving style. Additionally, adjust the spring rates to enhance cornering grip and reduce body roll. This can help the Bentley handle curbs and corners more effectively.
  • Aerodynamics Adjustments:
    Modify the front and rear wing angles to tailor downforce levels for specific track conditions. More downforce can improve grip in corners, while less can increase straight-line speed. Consider the trade-off between high-speed stability and low-speed maneuverability when adjusting aerodynamic settings.
  • Brake Balance and Bias:
    Fine-tune brake bias to optimize braking stability and prevent lock-ups. Adjust brake pressure and balance to suit your driving style and track conditions. Proper brake balance can improve your ability to trail brake into corners effectively.
  • Driving Techniques:
    Focus on carrying momentum through corners for faster lap times. Since the Bentley might not feel as responsive on exit, it's essential to enter corners with good speed and maintain a smooth, controlled line. Avoid abrupt inputs that can unsettle the car. Additionally, practice correcting the car if it gets out of shape since the Bentley can be challenging to recover once it starts sliding.


It's difficult to recommend the Bentley Continental GT3. Not because it lacks handling. Far from it, in fact. I would love to spend more time with it. However, I tend more toward mid-engined cars and struggle to get my head around it. But that being said, it's a very good car to get you  back to basics. Brake hard, clip the apex and find a way to make the car exit as fast as possible. Give it a try. I'm sure you'll be surprised by how good it handles! 

Bentley Continental GT3 - brakes

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