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Playseat Trophy review

Playseat Trophy review

I really, really have to upgrade. Seriously, there's no other way… Or at least that's what I told my wife before putting down the $599 order on the Playseat Trophy. 

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After recently switching to a Fanatec DD CSL, the good old Playseat Challenge just wasn't up for it anymore. Yes, calm down, I've seen the videos and Reddits on how to strengthen the Challenge for a direct drive wheel, but seriously though … It was a good excuse to upgrade my entire setup and take it to a different level and experience.

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So how do the two compare? I won't even start there. They're very different units. And it's a bit like comparing your sofa to your desk chair. That being said, kudos where kudos is due; the Challenge was a truly capable seat, even compared to the Trophy.

It only took me short of 20 minutes to set it up. I was caught by the flu at the time of assembly, so certainly, you'll shave off a few minutes when you're fully fit and handier than I am. Once the Trophy is set up, it takes you a few more minutes to assemble the wheel and pedals, et voila!

The Trophy really feels like a capable seat and that is definitely my biggest take away from it. It just delivers. There's little flex. It's fairly comfortable. It's basically a much better Challenge. And that was all I was hoping for, as I was actually quite satisfied before.

It took me a while to finally commit to the Trophy in all fairness. I weighed my options and had almost purchased a GT Omega Art instead. But, I wanted my setup to be fairly easy to move and I wanted it to be light and sturdy. So I ended up going for the Trophy anyway. And I'm glad I did, because I haven't had a single regret since.

The longest stint I've done has been well over four hours. And, just like the Challenge before it, I would have easily been able to do twice that. It copes perfectly well with the CSL DD wheelbase and the V2 pedals. However, that's the only area I have a small critique over too. The pedals move a little bit. Not very surprising, given the force you need to fully compress the brake pedal on that V2. You notice the seat itself isn't a set base like some others. But it's just a minor inconvenience, because after a few minutes in it, you adjust yourself to it. You literally count on the flex to be there and it becomes a a mere memory.

If you'd ask me if I would recommend it? Sure. Go ahead! Its a firm, comfortable and capable racing seat that you can easily move around. And don't worry, you'll have no problem racing in it for hours on end.

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