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Track Guide Zandvoort

Track Guide Zandvoort

A very remote racetrack on the Dutch shores, it's very sensitive to the elements and hidden by the dunes. I must have been there more than a dozen times, and mostly, no racing weekend went by without a few spots of rain. That only adds to the technical, narrow flowing challenge that is the legendary Zandvoort!

Zandvoort 1

I vividly remember my first-ever visit to Zandvoort. It was 2011, and my brother and I arrived in a van, with my 1998 Yamaha R1 loaded up in the back. I had little experience on motorbikes but made the jump from 600 cc to 1000 cc just a few months before that. The R1 was nothing short of a menace, and the short, narrow Belgian tracks just didn't do it justice. "Let's take it to a longer track and see how you fare," my brother said. That weekend, I not only experienced what a 1000 cc bike is capable of (in every sense of the way) but I also got to ride with several professional racers and none other than two-time World Superbike champion Troy Corser. Had it not ended with a massive high-side out of turn 9, it would have been the perfect weekend!

So, let me take you through Zandvoort and its marvels:


In a GT3 car, the line you take through Tarzan is a very tricky one. The corner itself is positively cambered, but it's easy to get pushed out wide and lock up on the brakes. Even in real life, the entry is slippery, and that characteristic is carried over well in ACC. Trailbraking is an essential part of the Tarzan curve. It will allow you to keep a tight line going in, run a little wider mid-apex, and pull the car right back towards the exit. The curbs at Zandvoort are slippery and short, so practice with ease.

Gerlach Curve

This swooping left-right bend is easy. However, the exit will define very much how you attack turn 3. Try not to go too far right as that will compromise your braking and overall stability.

Zandvoort 2

Hugenholtz Curve

A make it or break it turn at Zandvoort. It's difficult to get it right, and there are various lines that could help you through it. Overall, you should aim for a wide entry on the banked surface. Try to get close to the wall on your right before clipping the late apex and heading up the hill. What's almost as important as your line through Hugenholtz is your selected gear. Being right in the powerband of your car is vital for a good drive up the hill. If you're in the wrong gear, that could ruin the entire uphill climb through Hunserug.


Once you're 'up the hill in Hunserug, stay right next to the curb so you're perfectly aligned for turn 5. It's important to be smooth in your steering and not to upset the car's balance. When you're in turn 5, you should try to stay left for a smooth apex in the next turn.


One of the trickier corners at Zandvoort, Slotenmakerbocht is an uphill battle. The blind entry means you need to place your car exactly right, not to mess up the next turn. Keeping right over the crest can help you get a stable line through the corner. Depending on the car, you'll have to lift or gently brake your way into the turn.


Once you've made it through Slotenmakerbocht, you enter Scheivlak. This tightening right-hander can be tricky as the runoff is limited and the curb on the exit is very narrow. Try to apex late, keeping the car on the left-hand side of the track for as long as you can in the exit of Slotenmakerbocht. This will help you clip a late apex at Scheivlak. Avoid the inside curb as this is a short, high curb that can send your car in an uncontrollable and butt-clenching spin.


Mastersbocht is one you ... well ... have to master! It's a fast right-hander that allows you to carry a lot of speed through it. Depending on the car you're using, you can simply lift or downshift as you aggressively turn in. The exit of the corner is wide, so feel free to use as much track as you can. Clipping the inside of the curb at the apex isn't a problem at all and can even help the car turn in a little bit.

Turn 9

Ah... My nemesis. A little piece of advice; if you ever go to Zandvoort on two wheels and have cold tires, don't go through turn 9 with too much lean angle or you will highside viciously. Regardless, it's still a very technical corner. The entry should be wide on the right-hand side of the track. The apex is right in the middle of the corner, but it's possible to take various lines through turn 9. It's important to carry momentum through it. The easiest line is to take the apex as straight as possible on the left and allow the car to run wide on the exit all the way to the right.

Turn 10

One of my favorites at Zandvoort as you can really apex this one late. Stay out wide on the entry to the right and pull the car towards the apex. Aim for the apex once you can properly see the straight and use the track available. Carrying as much speed as possible is vital as you will enter the back straight here.

Hans Ernst Curve

Coming off the back straight, brake late and hard towards Hans Ernst curve. You can cut this corner, keeping the left wheels on the grey. Be sure not to touch the inside as this will compromise your turning into turn 12. Trailbraking will help you keep a tight line.

Turn 12

Depending on the car and setup, you can cut the inside curb quite aggressively. What's important is to light the car up for a straight exit as the exit is slippery and the curb is narrow. It's very easy to get a track limits warning on the exit here.

Zandvoort T12


A beautiful section where you can carry a lot of momentum. Depending on the car and setup, you can just shift down, trail the brakes gently into the turn, and accelerate hard onto the outside curb on the left. Maximizing your drive is essential for your speed in both the next corner and on the main straight.

Arie Luyendyck Bocht

The final corner of Zandvoort is yet another challenging one. It's very easy to get caught out, both in-game as in real-life. Staying out left out of Kumhobocht is important, but finding the apex late and close to the curb on the left is too. Once the corner opened up, accelerate hard, benefit from the curb on the exit, and gun it down the straight. The curb on the exit extends a little past the paint, so play around with the track limit to get a good run up the straight.

Zandvoort stragith


I've always loved Zandvoort, both in real life and in-game. It's a challenging and technical track where every lap demands precision. Keeping a consistent pace here can be challenging because mistakes are easy to make and, worst of all, heavily punished.

Zandvoort stands as a classic track where practice genuinely makes perfect. Every curve, elevation change, and tricky section demands respect and patience. Whether you're navigating the legendary Tarzan, conquering the sweeping Gerlach Curve, or facing the make-or-break Hugenholtz turn, Zandvoort offers an daring experience for racers seeking both excitement and skill.

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