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F1 23 Game Review: New and improved gameplay

F1 23 Game Review: New and improved gameplay

As an avid fan of  F1 games, the release of F1 23 had me eagerly anticipating an immersive experience. F1 22 was a huge step up in terms of gameplay, so I'm excited to find out what this latest edition, packed with improved precision and adrenaline-pumping excitement has to offer!


What's new in F1 23?

Improved handling of the cars

F1 23 takes car handling to new heights, offering improved precision and control. The cars feel more responsive and suffer less from severe under or oversteer. While initially adjusting to the grabby brakes, practice and familiarity will enhance braking finesse. The game's heavier car feel adds authenticity, eliminating the "floaty" sensation from the previous game.

Overall balance is better too, but not all that different from F1 22.


F1 World mode

F1 23 introduces an game mode called F1 World. Inspired by the popular Ultimate Team feature in other EA titles, F1 World allows players to customise their cars using upgrade slots, granting strategic advantages during races. Earn in-game currencies through challenges and events to unlock powerful upgrades and create a dominant force on the track.

Braking Point Story Mode

One of the bigger additions to the 'experience' of F1 is Braking Point. Building on the success of the previous instalment, F1 2023 continues the captivating Braking Point story mode. It features a compelling narrative with new characters, intense rivalries, and unexpected twists. The goal is to Immerse yourself in the world of Formula 1 and make your mark as a rising star on the grid.

Basically, you discover the world of Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, experiencing the drama reminiscent of the popular Drive to Survive series.

The good and the bad in F1 23

It's not a new game per se, but more a follow up on the 22 edition. But that's a good thing! It seems that EA has found a good base to build upon for years to come.

The upgraded physics engine enhances immersion, delivering better feedback from the track. Improved traction and response allow for sharper cornering and overall control. Curbs, while still punishing if misjudged, feel more forgiving and predictable, empowering drivers to push their limits. The attention to detail in recreating each circuit captivates players in the world of Formula 1.


Good things

Visually Stunning Graphics

F1 23 improves the gaming experience with stunning graphics, bringing the game to life. The graphics are clear and smooth and a small step forward from the 22 game.

The enhanced visuals create a modern and captivating environment. From meticulously designed cars to beautiful race environments, the attention to detail is commendable, making it more fun and immersive, especially if you race in VR.

Supercars stayed!

I know the game is about F1 ... But I really enjoy driving the supercars too. It adds a layer of flexibility in the game. The supercars are great for learning new tracks at a slower, more forgiving pace. And drifting them is just a blast!


Missed opportunities

F1 23 Car Setup

I still feel like car setup is undervalued in F1 titles. It makes a considerable difference, yet there's little to no in-game 'training' about it. I love how the MotoGP games have a 'crew chief' feature that guides you through setup changes. I'd love to see that on F1 one day. It adds an extra dimension and challenge, instead of choosing between a few preset options.

AI is still on the loose

Sadly, the AI hasn't been improved upon. In two player career mode you're still fighting to survive the first few laps, whilst in single player mode you feel like you're Bruce Almighty. It's unpredictable and tedious to fight through the pack as the AI makes sudden movements and has little to no regard for track position or racing lines. Hopefully, EA is able to buff that out soon as it kills the experience in some game modes.


F1 2023 represents an improvement over the previous game. It's not necessarily a leap forward, but since F1 22 was a great baseline, it's good to see EA build on that success.

The game still delivers an immersive and thrilling Formula 1 gaming experience. With precision driving, enhanced feedback, stunning graphics, and fun game modes, it offers good fun and accessibility to many racers.

It's not perfect yet, but I'm sure that EA will buff out several imperfections with patches to follow.

Whether you're a dedicated fan or new to Formula 1, F1 23 promises to ignite your passion for F1 racing!


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