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How to trail brake

How to trail brake

Trail braking is a vital part of racing. The technique is used in racing and high-performance driving that offers several benefits. Here's how you can apply it in your own racing. 

Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Good, you're ready to start trail braking. Be sure to understand what it does and why you should apply it by reading our Trail braking 101. You've got the basics? Good! Let's get started

Step 1: Identify the Braking Zone

  • As you approach a corner, locate the point where you need to start braking.
  • This is typically marked by a brake marker or a visual cue on the track. Not sure where to brake? Try braking at the 150 marker for safety and slowly brake later and later. 

Step 2: Roll off the Throttle

  • Once you reach the braking zone, release the throttle pedal completely. 
  • This prepares the car for braking and helps shift the weight forward.

Step 3: Apply Brakes

  • Begin applying the brakes progressively and smoothly.
  • Start with moderate pressure and gradually increase the brake force.
  • Not sure how much braking pressure you're applying? Use the HUD to visualise the braking pressure

Step 4: Braking Technique

  • Instead of releasing the brakes completely before turning in, continue to apply light brake pressure while turning the steering wheel.
  • This is the essence of trail braking, as you trail the brakes into the corner.

Step 5: Modulate Brake Pressure

  • Adjust the brake pressure to maintain control and balance.
  • The goal is to brake later but harder, gradually reducing brake pressure as you approach the apex.

Step 6: Find the Sweet Spot

  • Experiment with the ABS settings, if available, to find the optimal brake pressure that maximizes grip and stability.
  • Practice finding the right balance between late braking and maintaining control.

Step 7: Aim for the Apex

  • As the apex of the corner approaches, gradually release the brake pressure while maintaining a smooth steering input.
  • The objective is to be off the brakes entirely or with minimal brake pressure as you reach the apex.
  • Another important aspect is to look into the corner as far as you can. By looking far into the corner, you can anticipate the racing line and plan your trajectory accordingly

Step 8: Exit the Corner

  • Once you've hit the apex, smoothly transition to throttle application.
  • Gradually increase the throttle as you unwind the steering wheel and track out of the corner.

Step 9: Practice and Refinement:

  • Repeat the process on different corners, focusing on smoothness and consistency.
  • Pay attention to how the car responds and how the trail braking technique affects your entry and exit.

Step 10: Gradually Push the Limits:

  • As you gain confidence and familiarity with trail braking, push the limits by braking later and carrying more speed into the corner.
  • Remember to maintain control and stay within your comfort zone as you continue to refine your trail braking technique.

It's important to remember that trail braking requires practice and experience to master. Start with moderate speeds and gradually progress as you become more comfortable with the technique. Always prioritize safety and be mindful of your car's limits.

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