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ACC: Update V1.9.4

ACC: Update V1.9.4

KUNOS Simulazioni's ACC just released another update as they keep building on the V1.9 update that we say at the end of May. 
There still seem to be a few bugs that need attending to, but it appears that Kunos is working hard on it.


Most noticably in the smaller update is the BOP tuning for Imola and the addition of the Lamborghini Real Race esport liveries. 
We've seen plenty of BOP changes where Kunos is playing around with weight and power of several cars qnd there's several more to tracks too in this update. 

What else can you expect?

  • BOP (balance of performance) fine tuning for Cicruit of the Americas
  • A fixed sponsor display at Paul Ricard
  • BOP (balance of performance) update for Imona
  • They've made adjustments to the softlimiter of several cars

All image credit goes to: Kunos Simulazioni

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