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The brand new Lamborghini Revuelto

The brand new Lamborghini Revuelto

The Lamborghini 'Revuelto'... Sounds ominous. Revuelto, as you've probably read or heard by now, means 'scrambled' in Spanish. There's plenty of speculation as to where that name comes from, but the most obvious one is the combination of electric power and good old V12 ferocity.

Lamborghini Revuelto

It does sound like the best of both worlds. I was over the moon when I learned that the V12 stayed. There is simply nothing else in the world that awes like a V12. And Lamborghini has always been a master of it. This 6.5L naturally aspirated one will surely be no exception. It pumps out a whopping 814 hp and redlines at no less than 9250 screaming RPM. From the previewed engine noise, it seems to be even more dramatic than that of the Aventador, which is remarkable given the EU's strict emission regulations.

Over the past years, Lamborghini has emerged from the ashes. Many questioned the brand when it joined forces with Audi. Critics often pointed to the lack of excitement that the newer generation had to offer. The outgoing Aventador faced the same struggle but proved everybody wrong in no time. Never in the brand's history have they sold so many flagship cars. And as the cherry on top of the already tasty cake, they introduced the Lamborghini Urus. An unseen masterstroke, followed by record sales and growth.

We already had a whiff of the future to come with the Sian and Countach homage. The combined forces of electric motors and a high-performance engine. Admittedly, it's nothing new. Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche preceded Lamborghini by several years.

So there is plenty of pressure on the Revuelto. Not only does it replace a fan-favorite Aventador, but it also has to live up to the new industry standards. And what Lamborghini came up with seems to exceed expectations. The mixture of PHEV electric power and sheer horsepower amounts to a mesmerizing 1015 hp. The entire body is new. The gearbox has finally been replaced by a dual clutch, ditching the robotized single clutch that broke many necks in the Aventador. And even the electronic side of the car is more extensive than what we've seen on any Lamborghini in the past.

Lamborghini Revuelto rear

Another great step forwards is the upgraded interior. The aventador never changed very much over the years and mainly the infotainment was ready for an upgrade. Looking at the Revuelto's interior there are some noticable changes, bringing it to life even more. Personally I'm a huge fan of the Audi and Porsche influence as it's a mixture of some of the best interiors on the market. But still Lamborghini does it with it's own finesse and style. Luckily, the Revuelto still rocks the fighterjet style ignition button too! 

For the first time the passenger gets more involved aswell, since they now get a third screed right in front of them. 


But the question I keep asking myself is: what is this car then? We've seen cars with this much horsepower before. Does it mean that the LaFerrari is now on the same level as the flagship Lamborghini? For less than half the price? What about the McLaren P1? In all fairness, it becomes difficult to apprehend where the Revuelto positions itself. What rival supercars does it face? Or are we stepping into hypercar territory? The only car I can compare it with is the Ferrari SF90, and we all know how insane that car is.

So, perhaps that's what 'Revuelto' really stands for. Not just the future mixed with a lengthy, thirsty, and shouty past. But a mix-up of what we used to consider a 'mere' supercar and the illustrious hypercar. The Revuelto shakes up the already crowded supercar market. One that we've gotten used to, and where the rules were clear. Perhaps, the Revuelto lays the foundation of a new breed of supercars, redefining the basics and the expectations.

Lamborghini Revuelto - side

All we know for sure is that Lamborghini has the ingredients to celebrate its 60th anniversary in style. And boy, have they come a long way in those 60 years. The last time the industry got shaken up was arguably with the introduction of the Countach. Maybe, just maybe, they've done it yet again.

Image credit: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

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